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We start by asking the right questions.

Buy your first home or your second. Send the kids to college. Buy or sell a business. Retire early. Travel the world or stay put and live well. And leave a lasting legacy. Whatever the client’s goals are, with our wealth strategies and distinctive investment philosophy we are dedicated to help the client achieve those goals.

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BCWM Process


We start the financial planning process by asking you questions, a lot of them and getting to know you and your particular situation. Once you have signed an engagement letter with us that details the estimated cost of the plan, we provide you with an easy to understand Personal Financial Planning Questionnaire that we can complete with you. It asks you to list your assets and liabilities along with your goals.

As an example, we ask for details on your income, taxes, budget requirements, investments, liabilities, insurance, money owed you, anticipated future income, retirement assumptions, and your attitudes in general about investments and risks. We can help with the work you may need to do to assemble the appropriate dates, where we roll up our sleeves and pitch in – setting up phone and conference calls with the appropriate financial institutions to track down documents, and conference calls with the appropriate financial institutions, solicitors etc. to track down documents and much more. Our goal is to make the questionnaire process and data gathering as easy and painless as possible.


During this meeting, we provide you with a quantitative model of your financial life based on assets, liabilities, income and expenses. We also project out your balance sheet and cash flow over the remainder of your expected life span. In addition, we create financial models for children’s education, analyse risk exposures and review current insurance protection and trust/will/estate documents.

We also assess the structure and exposure that you or your family may have from financial gearing or other banking commitments. The final step in this report back meeting is the evaluation of your current investment portfolio. Through careful analysis, we determine if you are properly diversified into asset classes appropriate to your long-term investment return objectives and capacity for risk. We provide you with a proposed asset allocation strategy based on your completed financial plan – one that is in line with your investment objectives.


BCWM Portfolio Management

Once we have delivered the financial plan, you can choose to have us manage your assets. All of our portfolios are custom-built, designed to achieve your particular objectives. We research Unit funds, ETFs, equities, bonds, REITs and other financial products to understand the opportunities and the risks available in the marketplace.

We will frequently monitor your portfolio for performance metrics to keep your investment strategy aligned with your financial plan. We hold regular portfolio review meetings with you and stay in touch throughout the year, updating you on any significant changes in your financial picture or the financial markets. We provide half yearly, easy to read performance reports with very clear performance data relative to common investment benchmarks.


Deep expertise and experience - integrated to serve the client

For over a decade, the firm’s management team has continued to develop its skills and practices such that we believe we now have an unparalleled depth of expertise and experience.


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